Funfetti Ice Cream Cake on a cake plate on top of a table with other party accessories

We All Scream for Innovative Ice Cream Cakes

Despite facing challenges like inflation, the ice cream and frozen novelties category continues to see strong sales, with dollar sales up 7% and 8% respectively. Rich’s, a leader in the ice cream cake market, is capitalizing on this trend with the launch of its new Funfetti Ice Cream Cake, set to hit shelves in the coming months.

“We’re always looking for ways to deliver greater value to customers and consumers,” said Jessica Stainsby, senior product manager, Ice Cream Cakes, at Rich’s. “The Funfetti Ice Cream Cake is just one example of our commitment to innovation.”

Rich’s is also seeing success with its Carvel line of ice cream cakes, particularly its seasonal cakes like the Football Ice Cream Cake, which is available nationally through early February. Stainsby anticipates three key trends in the ice cream cake category:

  • Celebrating everyday enjoyment and expanding the category’s permissibility across occasions.
  • Flavor and format innovation that meets consumer desires for both comfort and celebration.
  • Exploring options to meet growing demand for “better-for-you” solutions.

“With a focus on innovation, we’re confident that Rich’s will continue to be a leader in the ice cream cake market,” said Stainsby.

A slice of Carvel ice cream cake with Take the Cake logo
Carvel Gameball Football cake loaded with crunchies inside and out on a turf background with yellow pom poms
  • Ice cream dollar sales increased 7% to $7.2 billion for the year ending August 13.
  • Frozen novelties experienced similar results, with dollar sales jumping 8% to $7.5 billion.
  • Occasion-specific ice cream cakes, such as birthday and graduation cakes, are faring better than smaller, more indulgent items.
  • There is a growing trend towards premium ice cream products.
  • Hard ice cream, ice cream infused with alcohol, is a potential growth area.
  • Collaborations and themed products were a major trend in 2023.

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