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Game Day Party Tips

Everyone loves a good game day party with sliders, 7 layer dip, wings, a veggie plate…who’s bringing the football cake this year?

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Throw the best game day party yet this year and keep the fun going during the game with these popular football party games!

Football Squares

Superbowl Ice Cream Cake

Create a grid that’s 11 x 11 on a poster board or big sheet of paper. Along the top, write one team’s name and along the left side, write the other team’s name.

As guests arrive, let them pick a square or two (or as many as makes sense with the size of your party) and have them write their name in the square. Fill in as many as possible.

In the top row, skip the first box and write numbers 0 – 9 in any order in the remaining boxes. In the left column, do the same – skip the top box and write 0 – 9 in any order. With all boxes filled in, each name square represents a specific score in the game based on the top and left column numbers. Use the last digit of each team’s score to determine a winner after each quarter.

Have fun football-themed prizes on hand for the winners. You can score per quarter, per half or just award a big prize for winning the whole game!

Game Day Stand-Up Comedy

Ask everyone to come up with a football joke! The worse the joke, the better.  If any guests are really struggling, using their phone is fair game. At halftime, have everyone stand up and perform their best / worst jokes!

Football Bingo

Create your own Bingo cards prior to the game, saving the middle square as a free space and filling in the rest with your favorite football-related items. Switch up the order and the items in the squares on each card. Play winner-takes-all or multiple prizes as more and more people win throughout the game.

Squares can include:

Specific penalties

  • False start
  • Holding
  • Personal foul
  • Pass interference

Specific things that happen during plays

  • Hail Mary
  • Kickoff return of 30+ yards
  • Interception
  • Fumbles

Specific ads

  • An ad that makes you cry
  • An ad with a horse
  • An ad that makes someone else laugh out loud

Specific things players might do

  • Drink Gatorade
  • High five
  • Do a touchdown dance
  • Smack a team mate’s helmet

Football Cake Inspiration

football ice cream cake

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Game Day Party Tips
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Everyone loves a good game day party with sliders, 7 layer dip, wings, a veggie plate…who's bringing the game day dessert this year? Here are our tips for a great party.
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