OREO®Party Tips Dinosaur Cake

Dino Dig OREO® Cake

You’ve discovered the perfect kitchen craft to do with your kids. Grab your little archaeologists and get ready for 13 steps, and of course, a delicious OREO® Ice Cream Cake.

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  • OREO® Ice Cream Cake
  • OREO® cookies
  • Silicone dinosaur bones mold
  • White chocolate
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Chocolate puffed rice cereal
  • Chocolate rocks
  • New paintbrushes (for excavating fun!)
Dinosaur Cake Ingredients


Crush OREO® cookies in food processor. Gather all your ingredients (everything open and easy to access) since you will have to move fast once it’s time to decorate the cake.

Dinosaur Cake Step 1


Melt white chocolate according to package directions. Pour immediately into a silicone dinosaur bone mold.

Dinosaur Cake Step 2


Scrape away all excess chocolate so the bones are smooth. Allow to cool completely.

Dinosaur Cake Step 3


Once completely hardened, remove from the mold. Don’t worry if your bones crack—that’s what you want! Tip: this is an easy step to do ahead.

Dinosaur Cake Step 4


This is where you want to move quickly! Remove your OREO® Ice Cream Cake from the package and place onto a serving pedestal.

Dinosaur Cake Step 5


Invite the kids to start by adding a pretzel “fence” around the perimeter of the cake.

Dinosaur Cake Step 6


Once the fence is complete, cover the top of the cake completely with crushed OREO® crumbs (dirt).

Dinosaur Cake Step 7


Top OREO® dirt with white chocolate dinosaur bones.

Dinosaur Cake Step 8


Cover bones with more OREO® dirt. Bones should not be showing at all.

Dinosaur Cake Step 9

STEP 10:

To add to the “dirt” look, sprinkle chocolate puffed rice cereal and chocolate rocks on top.

Dinosaur Cake Step 10

STEP 11:

Let the kids dig in… literally! Start excavating with the paintbrushes.

Dinosaur Cake Step 11

STEP 12:

Once the bones are all dug up, enjoy your OREO® Ice Cream Cake!

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