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Facts You Should Know about Oreo Cookies

OREO® Cookie: 10 Delicious Facts

No matter how you eat your OREO®s, the cookie has become famous all over the world. Most people don’t know much OREO® history, so here are a few interesting and curious facts about OREO®s. Sit back, grab an OREO® Ice Cream Cake or an OREO® Ice Cream Roll, and learn about everything OREO®.

Facts You Should Know about Oreo Cookies

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1. OREO®s Are Over a Century Old

100 years of OREO®? Time flies when you’re the best cookie ever. In 2012, OREO® celebrated its first centennial. Most of us have never known a world without these delicious cookies, and there’s definitely a reason they have stuck around so long (hint: they’re too delicious to pass up). No wonder it feels like these cookies have been around forever!

Facts You Should Know about Oreo Cookies

2. The First OREO®s Were Lemon Meringue

Why didn’t they just start with Double Stuf? We may never know. But, did you know that OREO® used to come in lemon meringue? When the OREO® first debuted, it came in both classic and lemon meringue flavors. As you probably suspected, the classic cream filling was far more popular. The lemon meringue cookie was discontinued in 1920.

3. Over 500 Billion OREO®s Have Been Eaten

OREO®s end up in cupboards and pantries almost as quickly as stores can stock them. In fact, it is estimated that people have enjoyed over 500 billion OREO® cookies around the world since their original release in 1912. Yeah. 500 billion. How many do you think you’ve contributed to that count?

Facts You Should Know about Oreo Cookies

4. OREO®s: To the Moon and Back!

If it is difficult to visualize 500 billion OREO®s, here are few examples to help you understand how massive this number is. With 500 billion OREO® cookies, you could stack them high enough to reach the moon at least five times. If you had 500 billion OREO®s, you could wrap them around the Earth’s equator 381 times. That’s a pretty impressive trail of cookies. So if you were thinking “oh man, I’d love to get my hands on 500 billion OREO®s,” it’s not that easy.

Facts You Should Know about Oreo Cookies

5. OREO®s Have Their Own Holiday

National OREO® Day is March 6. Yes, OREO®s have their own holiday. Be sure to stock up on OREO® Ice Cream Cakes and celebrate.(Yes, they should get their own month. We agree.)

6. OREO®s Come in Different Flavors Around the World

Going on a trip? Fear not. OREO® will be there. OREO®s may seem distinctly American, but they’re not limited to the United States, or even to North America. OREO®s are sold in more than 100 countries. Some countries even enjoy wild flavors that you can’t typically find in the USA. In China, you can buy green tea OREO®s. If you visit Argentina, try a dulce de leche and banana combination OREO®. Orange ice cream flavored OREO®s are available in Indonesia.

7. Double Stuf OREO®? Not Quite…

Want to do some math? Okay. What if it’s OREO® math? Double Stuf OREO® don’t technically contain double the cream filling. As it turns out, Double Stuf OREO®s have around 1.86 times as much cream in the center. Double Stuf OREO®s are designed to balance the deliciousness of the chocolate cookie flavor.

Facts You Should Know about Oreo Cookies

8. The OREO® Ratio

OREO® cookies stick to a rather precise ratio. Every OREO® cookie is 71 percent cookie to 29 percent creme. The classic cookie has a strict ratio so every bite tastes familiar.

Facts You Should Know about Oreo Cookies

9. OREO® Cookies n’ Cream Is America’s 4th Favorite Ice-Cream Flavor

96% of Americans eat ice cream, and Cookies n’ Cream is the fourth most popular flavor. In the lead? Chocolate in first place, followed by vanilla in second place and, shockingly, butter pecan in third.

10. No One Remembers How OREO® Got Its Name

Most of us can’t remember the name of the person we met 2 days ago. So, it’s no surprise that no one remembers the origin of the cookie’s distinctive name in 1912.

Facts You Should Know about Oreo Cookies

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