Party Tips Easy American Flag Ice Cream Cake by Party, Plan, Play

Easy American Flag Ice Cream Cake

Our friends at Party, Plan, Play created this cute and delicious DIY American flag ice cream cake. Strawberry stripes and blueberry stars also make this a fun project with your favorite kitchen helper.

    • Supplies needed:

1 Carvel® Sheet Cake, 1 pack of fresh strawberries, 1 pack of fresh blueberries and a non-serrated kitchen knife.

Step 1: Wash your fruit!

Step 2: Slice your strawberries in halves, vertically. Then, slice each halve into thin slices, yet thick enough to stand on their own.

Step 3: Create the stars portion by adding four rows of six blueberries.

Easy American Flag Ice Cream Cake by Party, Plan, Play

Step 4: Add the sliced strawberries on the cake horizontally to create the “red and white” stripes. Continue to add strawberry stripes until desired look is achieved.

Step 5: Enjoy!! If you aren’t serving immediately, we recommend putting your cake back in the box (don’t worry, the strawberries fit just fine) and placing the cake in the freezer until 15-20 minutes before serving time.

If you like strawberries, be sure to check out our strawberry ice cream cake as well!

Want to create your own American Flag Ice Cream Cake? Download a coupon for Ice Cream Cake here. 

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