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Summer Birthday? Try a Camping-Themed Party

Whether it’s just for the day or all season long, it’s not summer without summer camp…and camp is better with a little extra fun. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Start off a summer camp-themed party with rustic, printable party invitations to really give that traditional woodsy feel.
  • Create a cool placemat that lets kids design their own merit badges and have a place to put their cake!
  • Camp is all about activities. Schedule a scavenger hunt, decorate pine cones, paint rocks, enjoy a campfire sing-a-long, or try old-fashioned camp games like tug-of-war and three-legged races!
  • End the day with a relaxing “cool-down” craft, like friendship bracelets or lanyards.
  • And of course, don’t forget the food. Roast weenies and marshmallows over a (very carefully supervised) campfire, and make your favorite ice cream cake even more “campy” with crushed OREO® “soil” and gummy worms; or add graham crackers, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips to make simple s’mores cake the campers will all love!
  • Create a special care package for all the kids to take home. It is camp, after all.

Make it special

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