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Summer Party Ideas

Summer is a fantastic time for parties: the kids are out of school, the weather is warm, and everything feels a little more relaxed. Planning a party does not have to be an all-weekend affair. Grab an ice cream cake from your freezer, throw on a few decorations, and you’ve got a theme going. Here are a few of our favorite Summer party ideas.

Cookie Cake Bites

Cookie Cake Bites

Step 1: Cut up a giant Carvel® Ice Cream Cookie Cake into little squares.

Step 2: Dip the pieces in a bowl of colorful sprinkles and throw it all on a marble cutting board.

Step 3: Relax and do something else.

Kate Bowler from Domestikated Life is an absolute master at creating quick, pretty desserts that constantly impress. In fact, she has an entire entertaining section on her blog, and it is all just perfect.

Cookie Cake Bites


Shark Party

Diamond cake
This idea came from The Magnolia Mamas, and we love the creativity. The party starts with a Carvel® Ice Cream Cake, some blue plastic gems, ocean frosting, and some cardboard sharks. Mix it up by adding blue gel frosting for water, and some sea shell cookies or some Swedish fish. The whole shark-theme party in its kid-friendly glory is so cute. Take a look at their blog here.

Mod OREO® Cake

Mod Oreo Cake
Everything Jenny Keller from Jenny Cookies does is pure elegance. Somehow, when she cuts up a black and white OREO® Ice Cream Cake, it looks absolutely dazzling. Grab some cool black and white graphic napkins and straws, dainty plates, and you will have a very chic dessert spread in no time. Want even more inspiration? Take a look at her Instagram.

Summer is ready when you are.

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